Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds

On New Years Eve I watched as my children and some friends galloped through a mist of sparkling confetti screaming at the tops of their lungs. Then I joined in the frenzy that took place shortly after as they devoured our small gingerbread house. Just seeing their glee made me float back in time to moments of similar happiness that I experienced with my siblings and friends and cousins as a child. Never did I experience these moments alone. There was always someone else there. People are so important in life. My children have eachother, thank goodness, they have me and Jonathan as parents, thank goodness, and they have a wonderful extended family that we get to play with every summer. Occasionally they have good friends to play with too. When I look back at this year that has just passed I find myself focusing more on the people we've met or visited than the places we've been or things that we've accomplished. Really, I haven't accomplished much. My
resolutions for last year were not fulfilled. In fact, I had to read last year's post to remember what they were. I just had one. To love my husband better. The only thing I did better this year than in previous years is give him a really good birthday surprise. I'm going to repeat the same resolution again this year. Without him, our family life sucks. If he's not happy I'm not. I know that everyone says, "If Mom's not happy, no one is." Well, I disagree. I think the saying can go for Mom and Dad. If the head of your family is not happy, no one in the family can really experience true happiness. You may feel like you're happy but it isn't real. It's just a cover and the truth will jump out and scare you when you least expect it. I want true, real, happiness in my family this year so that's my resolution, to help my husband be happy and feel my love.

As for the year that has passed, what can I say?

"God has been good to us!. . ." -Mrs. Bennet

Just as Jane and Elizabeth Bennet were married off and brought such satisfaction to their family, God too has made my pathway bright and beautiful. All the hardships that I thought were so horrible at the time, weren't so bad. I don't even remember them right now so I can't tell you what they were. Well, I remember one now. My sewing machine broke and I cried about it. I know, lame. The point is, that happened a few days ago, and today everything is great again. So here I go, onto another year with hopes that I can see life from different perspectives other than my own. Happy New Year!

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Taranani said...

well you posted this on new years day... so no new years baby I guess. I was hoping you'd have him just after midnight, so you could have the first baby of the year in qatar, and then they would kick you out of the country because you stole the awesome honor of having the first baby of the year, and then you'd have to move back to Utah.