Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hector Tacitus McCollum

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
My baby finally came. Not on his own, however. I spent almost two days waiting in the hospital to get admitted to the labor and delivery unit. I was 11 days overdue and this baby was just getting bigger and bigger and I was getting scared. To make a long story short, Hector Tacitus McCollum was born on January 4, 2010 at 7:47 PM. He weighed 4.1 kilos and I don't know how long he was. It's written down somewhere. I didn't have to have a C-section and now I'm home and the real rough stuff is starting.
Barney's Musical Castle right now with Cinci. What a trooper!
From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
All the other boys have been so friendly and excited about baby Hector. Sherman insists that Hector is his new best friend. Cinci loves to kiss him. When I ask Atticus to change into his PJ's he has to change them in the same room as Hector. So things are good for now.
From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds


Sarah said...

Congrats! He is so cute! 11 days overdue, wow! That's pretty crazy.

Sonja said...

Hooray! Congratulations! What a beautiful boy. You look so terrific Christine.

Happy happy joy joy!

Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures. Thanks for filling us in. :)

Wish I could bring you dinner tonight.

Sonja said...

I love his name!

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

I am laughing still from the last picture, it is so cute! Your kids are so fun, I love it!!

Tara said...

Congratulations Christine! What a handsome little guy! I was excited to hear his name...I love it!

Hope the transition to 4 continues to go smoothly!

Cameron said...

YEAH A LITTLE BROTHER TO JUMP ON!!! WEE WEE WEE. That is a cute picture.

Sunny said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you. He is a doll! I hope recovery is quick and that the adjustment goes smoothly. Praying for ya!

Taranani said...

cinci is so cute in that pic! congratulations and good luck!

Aimee said...

Congratulations! Hector is gorgeous. And you must be so excited to have him on the outside so you can really cuddle.

Big hugs from our family to yours,

Nancy said...

Congrats! He's adorable.

And I totally agree about the Mary Poppins thing--my mother-in-law was here for 2.5 months. It was awesome. All I did was baby stuff. :)

terahreu said...

I can attest to Jonathan's wonderful help. He did a fabulous job for the past two weeks at church taking care of 4 boys, by himself no less.

I am so glad to see pictures of Hector. He is beautiful. I want to bring dinner this week. When can I come and bless you with my poor culinary skills?

Code Yellow Mom said...

OCNGRATULATIONS!!!!! He is adorable and perfect in every way. I love his name - Tacitus is particularly awesome.

My best fourth child advice? Breathe deep, often. :)And prioritize. Doing everything is impossible, so focus on the truly important. Which, sometimes, is just letting everything go and enjoying your boys playing.