Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big Weekend

Two long awaited events occurred this weekend.

One, Jonathan turned 30. I arranged a one night hotel stay at thr Four Seasons Hotel in Doha. He never suspected I'd planned anything. I figured that since we were making a little bit more money, and I haven't gotten him a real present for about 3 years now, that it was time to do something really nice for him. He's been such a great husband, father, and person. He really deserved it.

The greatest part about it was that he was really surprised. He didn't suspect a thing. It was so great!

The hotel was fancy beyond my expectations. I didn't expect such elegance. We've stayed in nice hotels before but none so posh as this. As we drove up in our rented Mitsubishi Lancer with sandy handprints all over the back windows from the kids, I immediately felt out of place. Jonathan with his fraying belt and me with my greying, supposed to be white, sandals/flip flops, certainly weren't the usual customers here. However, the staff didn't care and accepted our money gladly. We received a welcome pitch from the manager of the hotel and were slightly overwhelmed at the attention.

There was cake waiting for us in the room, plenty of TV to watch, a gorgeous view, etc. All very pleasing. We ate dinner in the hotel. The next morning we went to the gym to work out together, which hasn't happened for forever. But what does Jonathan go and do? He faints! He blacks out and faints and the ambulance had to come and check him out. It was all very unexpected because Jonathan is generally a healthy person, with the exception of his recent chip obsession. I blame it on that.

So even though it was probably due to not eating breakfast, and having a chip obsession, we are still taking him to the doctor this week to check him out. He is 30 you know. It's time for him to start taking care of himself.

Two, I finally got my license. I won't bore you with the details or the swear words that go through my head when I think about what I had to go through to get it. The fact is, I got it. I'm free. Jonathan is free. The kids are free. No more grocery shopping with the whole family. No more craft item browsing while the family waits in the car. No more hauling the kids along when dad wants to drop me off at the gym. It's all over! Yay!


Sonja said...

Wow! That was quite an exciting weekend.

I'm glad you got to spend some time away together. I'm impressed that you are still working out!

I hope that everything checks out ok for Jonathan. Jeremy had a few health scares when he turned 30 too. Weird. They turned out to be nothing more than an increased awareness of his mortality.


Congrats on the license and freedom!

Sunny said...

Congrats on the license. Its amazing how much having a vehicle helps out a moms state of mind. I felt so trapped for the few weeks here without a car.

What a fun birthday celebration. How do you find babysitters so quickly. Jason has been bugging me to get a sitter for a few hours so that I can go into the city with him, but I'm having the hardest time.