Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank you Grandmom & Grandad

On our way to the entrance
  Most of the kids I grew up with and probably half of the people I talk with on a daily basis have gone to Disneyland at least once in their lives. Grandmom and Grandad McCollum made this happen for us this year as a Christmas present. 
It's a small world

our complete family picture for the year

Cinci & Walt Disney & Mickey
 What fascinated me about Disneyland this time was that because it wasn't so overly crowded I had a moment to contemplate the magnificence of what Disneyland really is and how it all began with an idea out of one person's head. I talked to the kids about this and I think Cinci was really impressed that Walt Disney was able to do this; to create a whole world from a simple drawing. It grew and grew until we have Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Cruises, etc. I love this story because its real, not some story about some kid who has special powers he was born with (Harry Potter, Superman, etc.). Where does that leave the rest of us normal people? Well, what Walt Disney teaches my kids is that they can create magnificence from a simple idea that can come from their own minds. Every kid had a mind. All they need is to be told to use it if they aren't already.
Helen & Mommy BFF
And finally, in retrospect, I'm grateful that I was 'trapped' inside Disneyland for 10 hours with my kids so that I could make memories with them. I went on the Indiana Jones ride with Atticus and Sherman and when I looked over, Atticus was plugging his ears. I guess he thought the noises were scary. Isn't that cute? Big, tough Atticus was scared? Very cute. We all went on the yellow submarine Finding Nemo ride and all the kids loved going underwater. I could tell by the smiles of wonder they all got on their faces when we submerged completely. I guess that means we need to start scuba diving certification. Either that or buy our own submarine. And lastly, I will never go on the Alice in Wonderland ride again or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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