Sunday, October 5, 2014

The most amazing beautiful thing. . .

I saw the most amazing beautiful thing yesterday! I got to see a cheetah run. . . .  fast. Our family visited the San Diego Safari Wild Animal Park yesterday because the whole month of October is free day for kids at all the fun places. Well, the fun places for kids. So, a few months ago before school got out we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was pretty cool, except for the overpriced food they sell there. There were animals everywhere. At the Safari Park there were not animals everywhere. What I mean is there weren't as many animals there. Their enclosures were huge and a lot more comfortable looking. Plus they had that huge open area like the African savannah where there were a whole bunch of animals just roaming around. We thought we were going to get lucky and see lions out there. Nope. They were napping in a separate area. Lazy cats!  The Cheetah Run started at 3:30 and tons of people were there waiting to see her. They had a track for her and everything . We got a huge explanation all about her, I can't remember her name but Wow! she was sooooooo pretty. The cutest thing was that to get her to be comfortable enough to do the run for all the people, she had this friend named Yeti who was an Anatolian Shepherd dog who ran around on the track in front of her so she wouldn't be scared. They are best friends and even sleep in the same bed sometimes. Isn't that sooooo cute? It reminded me of Hector and Helen and how they treat eachother . . . . sometimes.

What do you think? Do they look like Hector and Helen?

Did you share your childhood with someone? I have a brother just one year older than me. I remember we'd snuggle in my bed together a few times on Saturday mornings when my Dad was home. He'd take over the tv watching Perry Mason so we avoided the front room. We'd imagine all sorts of fanciful make believe stuff. We'd tape these plastic pegs all over our bodies. My mom has a picture of it or I wouldn't have remembered. We dealt with the same parents and the same big brother. That should be enough to unite us for life, right! Then in early middle school after the first nintendo came out, I'd spend my weekends reading Stephen King aloud to him while he played Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy. After that our lives moved apart. I guess he got too cool for me and I got too busy for him. I worked all the time makin the money for my dreams. He played basketball all the time with his buddies. All I can say as I think back on my life as a child is that I'm grateful I had someone to share it with.
 I read Khaled Hosseini's book And the Mountains Echoed, and the first few chapters really made me think of how our relationships shape us. Especially when we're children. This brother takes such good care of his little sister and they are soooooo happy together. It's such a beautiful thing to read, it makes me cry even thinking about it. Well, not quite, but oh it just feels good to know that those relationships exist in this world.
  So really, is watching a cheetah run or is observing a loving brother-sister relationship more beautiful? Hmmmm. . . .

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