Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday afternoon

 Get ready, get set, GO! I seriously thought I had a chance. In a straight run I could totally leave my kids in the dust. I really think I could. But this course had tons of turns and ramps which slowed me down. Plus, Sherman was really good at blocking my path. I didn't want to knock him over. (I'm so nice, right?) But after I passed Sherman I got really close to Atticus. Really close.
 Even closer than this picture. Our skates crossed the line split seconds from each other. Next time I will smoke that boy. He'll be choking on my dust. Watch out boys! Mama's not old yet.
I don't know what it is with my three older boys. Are they trying to be male models or something? I told them to smile. Don't they get it? Jonathan and I just look like goofy nerds there smiling all by ourselves. I suppose it has something to do with no one but the tripod taking the picture. Sherman looks sort of fascinated. Hector is scowling.

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