Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We had Jonathan's birthday celebration extravaganza yesterday. All Jonathan really likes is getting a hotel room where he and I can be together alone. No kids. No noise. And plenty of junk food we don't have to share with anyone. At home when we have our alone time after the kids are in bed I konk out after I've sat in one place for five minutes. But last night I ate a small bag of chocolates during the first movie we watched in the hotel room. I was getting a bit drowsy, then I got myself a cherry 7up that I picked out at Carrefour and put it in a glass with ice. Oh goodness me! The whole sensation of a frosty glass with beads of condensation forming on the outside surface coupled with the sound of the cubes tinkling against the edges of the glass. It sounded so luxurious. I felt rich! So, I sipped that for a while during that Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholsen movie. The I decided I would eat some peanut M'n'M's. I'm sure Jonathan was really surprised at how I was holding up. He was drifting off before me. I watched the ends of a few more movies. Then I finally fell asleep. I woke up uncomfortable. Too much junk! I am aware that I'm not as young as I used to be. I can't just eat whatever I want and expect to sleep well. Who cares about the calories! All I care about is the sleep. So I need to remember to eat my chocolate earlier in the day.
The next day we went back home to pick up the kids. You can't just go to the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha and not bring the kids to the pools. They love it there. We had a blast. These pools will always have a special place in my heart. Hector had his first swimming experience here. So Jonathan is 31 years old. Well, he will be in two days. He felt pretty good about himself this year. He's in better shape at least. Last year he fainted while working out in the hotel's gym. We got to talk about what kind of boys we're going to raise. None of those effeminate boys that the world is creating nowadays. All they know how to do is push buttons, pay for other people to do things they should know how to do themselves, and lay out. Gag me! I don't care how good vitamin D is for you. There are ways to get it without having to rip your clothes off and prostrate yourself in idle stillness. Anyway, Jonathan and I made a list of things we need to teach our boys before they are 14. Wish us luck considering we have to learn how to do half of the things on that list too.
I love Jonathan. He's too intelligent, lacks social skills, and isn't a snappy dresser, but I love him and I'm happy he loves me too. I'm happy we can love eachother and work toward our goals together in this life.


Raquel said...

You should share your list of things to teach your boys before they turn 14. I know that other parents would appreciate the thought you two put into this.

you two make such delicious boys. I could seriously eat them up!

Sunny said...

Happy Birthday Jonathon. I would love to know what kind of things are on your list. What a good idea!