Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween stories

Halloween is coming. I try not to read other people's blogs during this time of year. It makes me sad. I miss Halloween and Fall in the USA. While Jonathan cleans the kitchen and mutters "I'm just keepin it real, " to himself I mentally plan out all my kids' Halloween costumes. I may have my priorities really screwed up. What takes precendence? Putting my kids to bed or sewing some spider legs on the sewing machine? Clean my house or focus on my church responsibilities? Plan a decent meal or go to a playgroup? (Hector is only 9 months. Does he really need to go to a playgroup? or is it me?)
I try to do a little something for the kids each day. Today I went to the kids' school and read their classes some stories. I felt really good about it because a lot of those kids have no idea what Halloween is. So I did my duty and brought in a Halloween book. Atticus' teacher very convincingly ignored the obvious fact that I had brought in my own book to read the children. Since I was in her classroom I just read the story she gave me to read. But Sherman's teacher didn't seem to mind a little indoctrination. Maybe because she's from the USA too and probably loves Halloween too. All the children just ate up the story. Oh No! Not Ghosts! was a hit. They wanted me to read it again. Poor little Halloweenless children. I read a different story to Cinci's class. Mainly because I was afraid he would come up to me and tell me about each monster on each page. He likes to do that a lot. I didn't think it would work out too well if the other children were trying to understand the story. I really love going to their classes. My favorite part is seeing Cinci in his uniform with all the other tiny children. They are so cute!
Well, Jonathan is done with the dishes. I guess that's my cue to look like I'm doing something useful, like eat some of the delicious chocolate chip cookies he just baked. Excuse me while I go help him feel useful!
By the way, Jonathan says that Muslims in the USA believe Halloween is a holiday of Satan. So does my brother-in-law, Peter. But he still puts on his pumpkin hat every year. At least the Qataris hereprovide us a festive Halloween party every year.

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