Sunday, October 3, 2010

McCollum, not McClane

Last night we went to Dairy Queen for dinner. Everyone had a regular meal but me. I had a Chocolate Extreme blizzard for mine. I know, I'm bad. Anyway, they have a cool play place at the Doha Dairy Queen. Relatively. I was enjoying my blizzard while the kids played. So relaxing as I shoveled the cold chocolate into my mouth. The kids are yelling happily and running and crawling through the tunnels chasing each other. I shovel in another spoonful. I look. I see Sherman at the very top of the play place about two and a half feet from the ceiling holding a ceiling panel in his arms. I could see the open space in the square hole above his head. "What are you doing Shermy?" I thought. Jonathan said, "You're not John McClane, Sherms!" I saw the look on his face as he tried to replace the panel. He looked really worried. So worried that he agreed to leaving immediately, which he never agrees to normally.
My mother would be so proud because she loves the Die Hard movies.

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