Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little P & P

Look at that mirage. Doesn't it look like its flooded under that overpass? I think it's very interesting that when you're walking out in a desert such as this one, the only thing you can think about is cool water falling on your head. The very sound of a water trickle gives me pleasure. Even the sound of pee trickling onto a mound of sand when Cinci can't hold it any longer is nice. Why is it that something that you think is the thing you desire most, appears before you? I know there is a scientific explanation for this. I'm not scientific so I won't give you the explanation. There are things that have passed before me and lingered for a while waiting to see if I would reach for them or not. Some things come and go quickly. Some things speed by but then they return again years later. Sometimes the same things come in different forms. Maybe I'm not old enough to see the patterns yet. Maybe I'm not alert enough to see what things really are. Sometimes I see things in front of me and I know what they will do to me, and I know they are bad. They linger, and I try to see them differently so that they won't go away. I try to make them good. But they will never be good for me.

Can you believe there is a forest in Doha? A real live forest where trees grow and where birds live and thrive. I was outside the forest in the desert. The searing heat was weighing down on my eyelids. I thought the furrow in my brow would be baked in place. I really need to buy myself some sunglasses, but I abhor accessories. Anyway, I stepped into the forest and I was in a whole new world. Suddenely, I felt a magic carpet of leaves crunching under my feet. I almost needed a lamp to see, it was so dark. Anyway, I'm so uplifted by this new discovery of mine. Finally, a place I can take my kids to run around in. A place for them to climb trees in and be just as crazy as their insane cousins. A place for them to get dirty instead of sandy. Gosh, I am so tired of sweeping up the sand. I much prefer the dirt because I can see it.

Atticus helps me with baby Hector. An excellent big brother. His big brotherly kindness has really blossomed this time around. He could care less about Sherman's well being. Cinci is just "annoying". But Hector has "fat thighs" and fluffy hair and "looks at me the most" Atticus says.

Every night Jonathan and I look forward to the time when the kids are in bed, sound asleep. We love them so much, don't get me wrong. But it's so nice to talk to eachother without having to be interrupted a million times. I'm sure every parent looks forward to that time of day. When there is nothing good to watch on TV we put on our usual backup movie. Pride and Prejudice, the BBC version. Sometimes Hector will want to watch it with us, which pleases me because every boy should be raised on a healthy dose of Jane Austen, don't you think? I'm a firm believer that a boy raised on P & P, as we call it, will be able to communicate better with women. My brothers love it and my husband loves it. I asked my neighbor, who is an american man of 40 years, if he knew what Pride and Prejudice was. No was his reply. I must be firm in my conclusion then that there is something greatly amiss in todays world. Don't all men wish to communicate better with their women? Well, a little P & P will certainly remedy those troubles. So, mothers of boys, please do your sons a service, and start them young. They will thank you for it later. And, mothers of girls, in 20 years or so, four of the silliest boys in whatever city we live in at that time, may be calling on your daughters in a something like a barouche. As for the above photo, don't Lydia's boobs look huge from this angle?


Raquel said...

I could seriously eat that baby up - he just looks delicious! You two make the cutest boys!

Sonja said...

Yes you do make the cutest boys. And you are raising them so well, what with Austen's help and all.
Mirages are interesting things. It would be interesting to research the science behind it, but so much more fun just to believe in the magic of it.
Oh, that forest looks lovely. How do they do it?

Get some sunglasses, girl. You can handle ONE accessory. It's for the health of your eyes. ;)

Taranani said...

You are very funny. And I'm glad your brother introduced me to P & P :-) And Sunglasses are not accessories, they are necessities. My eyes would shrivel up and die without them. My eye doctor told me it's because I have fair skin and freckles, it's common to have sensitivity to light. I love my genetic make up. Just get some, so your eyes don't shrivel.