Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Holy and Exciting month of Ramadan!

The baby woke up tonight so I figured I'd do my monthly post.
I'm alive everyone. Here's a picture. That way I won't have to write so much.

What do Qatari's do during the holy month of Ramadan? Well, they fast during daylight hours and pray too. But they also host these very cool events that we get to go to because my husband works for Qatar Foundation.

I'm not fully satisfied here with the amount of culture we've been able to experience first hand, but going to the events during Ramadan are about the closest I've gotten to their culture. The kids donned their thobes and took their token camel ride. Last year the camel was in a bad mood so I didn't encourage the kids to try. But this year he looked nice enough. The local pet store brought their lizards and snakes for the kids to see. And they had a raffle with some pretty cool prizes. Really cool prizes! And I won the grand prize! I'm not kidding. I won two return tickets to anywhere Qatar Airways flies. When we found out, we all happened to be in the kids' bedroom and the news threw us into a jumping and screaming frenzy that lasted 5 minutes. The kids didn't really get what was going on. At first they just stared at Jonathan and me as we acted like fools. But it wasn't long before they all joined in. So there were 5 crazy people bouncing all around in that room. Hector just laid there staring. Sometimes I wonder what he thinks about this world.


Sonja said...

WOW! Congrats on winning the grand prize! I can just picture you all jumping and screaming. Yes, I'm sure Hector was thoroughly confused, perhaps even concerned.

So where are you going?

Leah Çakır said...

Congratulations!!! That is amazing. It is fun to see children laughing simply because their parents are!!

So do they fly to the US?