Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's sweaty hot here. Tonight we walked over to the new grocery store located across the street from our compound. It's called Lulu's. The kids brought the money they'd been saving and blew it all on chocolate and chocolate milk. The cashiers and baggers all thought it was cute that they each had their own money and were each choosing their own treats. I thought it was cute too but next time I'm going to go through the line with each of them individually so they know what's going on. I don't think they'd know how to pay for their own treats if they were on their own.
Right now Cinci is learning how to be a big boy. He's getting potty trained seriously now. That means that during the day I get to see lots of buttcheeks and during the night I get to mop the floors with Clorox. Especially the bathroom floors. Other than that I've been getting my older boys used to regular chores. We have a month and a half before school starts and I don't want to be introducing new responsibilities while they're getting used to school again. It really has helped out. The kitchen looks clean every night. One of them wipes the table and sweeps the floor after every meal and the other one puts away all the clean dishes. For some reason Jonathan (yes, he's great!) and I always do the dishes by hand. We probably do about four drying rackfulls of dishes each day, so that one of our kids has dishes to put away throughout the day.
Even more than the help it provides, I think I like the peacefulness it brings to the household. If at least one of my older kids is occupied with something, then the house is a lot quieter.
I have to go take a shower now or all this sweat will dry off on me and I'll have a false sense of cleanliness about me. I am thankful for running water inside my apartment. I'm thankful for multiple bathrooms too. What luxury!

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