Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lately. . .

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
Atticus has been enjoying his ice skating lessons. He won a sticker yesterday for winning a race in his class. Hopefully he'll be ready for hockey in the Fall. We think it'll be the perfect sport for him. Lots of physical contact and speed along with rules.
From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
Our littlest baby is growing fast, regaining his birthweight in a week. Not a surprise since Mommy has turned into a cow, stuck at the pumps several times a day. I've really been able to enjoy this baby. I find myself sitting and looking at him and not feeling rushed to do anything else. This has never happened before and I owe it to the wonderful lady we hired. Miss Leah. She's our Mary Poppins. So, if you want to enjoy a baby rather than just make it grow and survive, find yourselves a Mary Poppins. It's really been the best thing for me and my family.

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
Atticus comes home from school or his lessons and wants to know where the baby is. He has to hold him at least once a day. He's a wonderful big brother.


Gayle said...

Christine, I'm so glad you're able to take time to enjoy your new little one! I've noticed that Becky is really able to do this with Misty, too - she has no Mary Poppins, unfortunately, but I think being a bit older and having the experience of how fast babies grow up has helped her slow down and appreciate! oxoxox to you all - Gayle

Gayle said...

P.S. Don would have loved that you named your baby after one of his favorite historians!!

Lenora/Ellie said...

Congradulations!!!! I am so happy everything is going well and you have a beautiful baby! Makes me miss babies, but no more for me.

Sonja said...

Wow! Hockey in the desert? That's awesome. I'm sure it will be a good fit for Atticus too.

Oh how I love that baby picture! I also love that you have found a Mary Poppins, that your boys love holding the baby, and that you are not only growing and surviving your baby but enjoying him too. :)

Much love to you.

Sunny said...

Yeah for Mary Poppins! Are you going to keep her around permanently or just while you recover from childbirth? I could use a Mary Poppins at my place!

I'm so glad you are able to enjoy your new little cutie. I regret not taking any time to enjoy Victoria when she was a newborn. I think next time I better find me a Mary Poppins

Code Yellow Mom said...

Amen to having help!

And isn't it fun to see the big brothers emerge into such kind helpers and watch them get interested in the needs of someone else? I love the tenderness that comes out in the boys over the baby.

Hector is truly beautiful.