Monday, October 5, 2009


I can count the number of times I've been to Baskin Robbins growing up on one hand. We rarely went there. Then when I got married I still didn't go there. And whenever I'm in the States we still don't go there. But now that we're in Doha, we go there at least once a week. I can't believe that ice cream is now a single category in our budget. Gas, groceries, cable, car payment, and ice cream. Who would have thought?

Today I finished my assignment for my quilting class. I'm so proud of myself for actually finishing. The hardest part was actually cutting the fabric. I just sat there and stared at it for a long while before slicing away. I was afraid of messing up because I really did not want to have to go back to the fabric store, through all the traffic, seek the same fabric, and pay more money. But I didn't mess up.

I then felt the Halloween spirit come on as I stitched up this little family of felt ghosts. I also made a hand puppet ghost for each of the boys.

I love my sewing machine! Not because its the greatest but because it gives me something to do. Something that I love. I'm not an excellent seamstress. I'm not even good. I just love fabric and making things out of it. Especially things for the house and for the kids. I debated whether or not I should get one while we're here. Since the quilting class came up, I decided it would be pretty much impossible for me to participate in it without a machine. So that was my birthday present for this year from Jonathan and the kids. Thanks guys!

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Sonja said...

I am so impressed, Christine! But not surprised. You have more talent in your little pinky that a lot of folks do in their whole hand. :)

Those lucky boys. Love the ghosts! Can't wait to see the quilt.