Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spider School

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
So today they really did start school. sigh. They clad themselves in their crispy new uniforms, mommy took pictures, and we were off. This time we woke up earlier so that we might not be stuck in traffic. It didn't help. Boy was it bad! I've seen worse but unfortunately, there wasn't the option to get out of the taxi since we were in our own car. We spent a good hour getting there and back in the morning, and the same on the pick up end. But we all survived! The kids were still alive and so were their teachers. I guess we'll go back tomorrow
From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds

While the older two were in school Cinci attended his first day of school too. At home. We've decided to call it "Spider School" since he's obsessed with Spiderman. I know, he's two years old. And yes, he's seen Spiderman, but only because we decided to show it to Atticus. So now Cinci thinks he's Spiderman. I tried to convince him that the Superman cape we have is really a Spiderman cape but he's figured me out. He's complained that it doesn't have any blue on it like Spiderman's real costume.

In Spider School we do a lot of the same things that a kid would do in preschool. Songs, games, hand washing, art, snack time, story time, and I try to include as many grown up things as possible. For example, getting dressed in the morning. Choosing clothes, brushing teeth, combing hair, etc. He's kind of behind in that department. We also do a lot of climbing, like spiders. He climbs up his chair to get on it. We also jump a lot. Well, he jumps a lot, on his bed. We also eat other spiders during snack time. Today we ate spider snacks

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
I present to you Spider Baby. Look at those chocolaty eyes. Here he is contemplating Spider School as I thought up in my mind what exactly we were going to do for it. I hadn't planned on doing anything in particular with him while the boys were at school, but hey! Why not? It's October and he needs some last minute attention. Last minute meaning from now until this baby in my tummy is born.


Sonja said...

That is one adorable spider baby! Gosh your boys look BIG! (And quite dashing in their uniforms)

I'm so glad you get to spend a little extra time with Spider baby. I'm sure it will make all the difference when the new little one comes.

Tati said...

What an adorable idea! I love the spider school :)