Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moroccan Monday IV

The Chicken that flew

Tagine of chicken with carrots

This is the last time I will do a full on Moroccan Monday. I must attribute its success to my dear husband who probably dreads this day of the week. Not because of the taste of the food, but because he's in charge of the kids for two hours, or how ever long it takes me to prepare the food.
My menu this week was Moroccan bread, tagine of chicken with carrots, and a side dish called "The Chicken that Flew". Instead of doing another Moroccan dessert I opted for some Rocky Road brownies. Not exactly Moroccan but hey! there weren't any chocolate desserts in the book.

Ratings this week were mid-range. The bread was a round, heavy, hard frisbee that was hearty but not tasty. The side dish was a chick pea dish with sweet potato. I liked it. My kids ate it and didn't complain too much. My husband hated it. He hates legumes, unless they are in hummus. The tagine of chicken with carrots was yummy. Everyone but my husband loved it. It wasn't flavorful for him. But that's why we buy him this:

He puts it on absolutely everything. Rice, meat, pasta, etc. I'm so thankful for such a creation. The dessert was divine. Rocky Road Brownies. I know this isn't the best picture. Who wants to see what it looks like after its been half eaten? I just want my readers to know that I actually made this stuff. I haven't posted one authentic picture of my Moroccan Mondays, so now you know its true. I really do make stuff.

For my meal making extravaganzas in the future I think I'll do one of these themes:

  • Freezer meals
  • 30 minutes or less
  • Meals that stretch the meat, or vegetarian meals (We eat too much meat, I think)

I'm just looking for something quick, easy, but not too fattening. My husband will be delighted!


Sonja said...

I've been so impressed with your Moroccan Mondays! Thank you for posting the recipes and reviews. I have not been adventurous enough to try them yet, but that's also because my husband isn't home to watch the kids either. :)

mmmmm....rocky road brownies look devine.

I look forward to your next culinary adventures!

Tati said...

I'm excited for you to start posting any of these topics. The faster and easier, the better it is for me and the most likely I will have a good meal for dinner!

By the way, you won the Whistlefritz DVD!! I'm really happy because it is probably my favorite DVD out there! Should I send it to the same address? Luck you!!