Saturday, September 12, 2009

Learning Spanish Together

So you don't speak another language but you'd still like your children to be exposed to it? Even if you don't have children or they are still very small, it's never too early to get stocked up. It's not like you'll have more money to get these things when they are older, right? Well, check out this website. She has great giveaways with wonderful, useful, and unique tools to help your children learn Spanish. I love to go to her website and read her reviews of products that I've never even heard of. There's no way I would ever know about them if it weren't for this website. I even won one of her giveaways. This week is the special week so click on the link above to see what its all about.


Tati said...

Thanks for sharing the link! I hope you get your DVD/CD soon! I guess it will be a while since it's being to the US :( Thanks!

Russ said...


I just wanted to popped up in a search of MArquez, I think. I've been studying spanish for about 1-1/2years now from a combo of books and The whole family used to listen to the podcast on the way to school in the AM but I'm the sole survivor.

Anyway, I saw this post and I'm going to check it out.