Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Martes Marroqui

Isn't this an awesome pool? Most of the compounds here have a really nice pool set up. They even had a baby pool. The building in the center is a gym and recreation center. They set you up so well that you never even have to leave your home.

Moroccan Monday didn't happen this week, so we had it on Tuesday. I figure we could say it in Spanish instead. Martes Marroqui and it sounds just as cool.

This week was a success! What measures a success? If our kids eat 1/2 of the meal without complaint and if we, me and Jonathan, like it. Well, both occurred so we consider it a success. And guess what? I forgot to take pictures again. So, I just posted some pictures of us swimming at a neighbors pool on the same day.

We had rice triangles for a starter which consisted of sweet rice inside filo dough pastry. The kids couldn't complain, it was plain sweet rice and cinnamon and sugar was sprinkled on the top. Yummy!

Then for dinner we had lamb meatballs in tomato sauce with eggs poached in the sauce. Very tasty. It's one of the best ways to prepare lamb in my opinion. When its ground lamb you don't have to worry about it getting so tough when you cook it. I'm kind of clutzy when it comes to cooking meats though.

Then for a side we had lentils with spinach. The smell was revolting while I was boiling the lentils but then after adding the spices and lemon juice they really turned out good.

For dessert we had sliced oranges with cinnamon sprinkled on top and orange juice poured over them. Very pretty!

The kids liked the rice triangles and the oranges. That constitutes half for us. I'll be making those meatballs again. Tasty tasty!

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Taranani said...

k, remember how i used to love to cook. And cook all the time. My downfall started when I was prego with trumy... I couldn't even stand the smell of chicken, so cooking went out the window. I'm not sure what my excuse is now that he's 4 months old... just bad habits.
You are making me feel awfully guilty with these entries of yours, young lady. Your family is very lucky!