Wednesday, September 9, 2009


What a wonderful morning. . .I lay in bed and stare into space. I hear my three boys talking and chattering about airplanes out in the front room. Just a few screams from my youngest but nothing that required my attention.
They had cereal for breakfast. No spills this morning. No fights. No bad manners. I have decided that now I am a firm believer in cereal. I grew up on cereal for most my breakfasts. However, my father did make breakfast on his days off and that was always a treat. I have made all sorts of things for the kids. I love breakfast foods. Eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, german pancakes, bacon, and cereal. But cereal is tasty and easy and the kids can get it themselves. I mean, some of my kids can.
Then they got ready for the day. After breakfast they run and wash their hands and brush their teeth and get dressed and even make their bed. Whats really funny is that my two older boys like to match colors. They have to have a blue shirt if they have blue shorts or a red shirt if they have red shorts. It's very cute. I thought only girls cared about that. Well, today is a blue day apparently. Atticus came to me in his blue outfit and asked, "Mom, what airplane do I look like?" Of course, a Blue Angel.
Then Sherman couldn't find shorts or pants to wear so I threw all the clean, dry laundry from the dryer on my bed and had the boys fold their own clothes, which doesn't require any nagging. Now I'm just sitting here thinking about how great they are.
Not all days are like this, nor will this day continue on in perfection, but I sure am grateful for these moments.


Strawberry Girl said...

Ah yes, it is the little things that have the most need to be cherished because they fade so quickly away.

How are you doing Christine? Life looks good, actually you seem less stressed than when you were in Turkey.

Still regret not getting with you when you were here, I've had some crazy times...

Taranani said...

I'm trying really hard not to be bitter after reading this entry. :-)

Taranani said...
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Taranani said...

This is me sticking my tounge out at you as I go upstairs to clean up milk and spilled cereal from my counter and floor.