Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing chess and dreaming of Ryan Reynolds

Jonathan says that my blog is getting "boooorrrriiiiing" and I must agree. There just isn't a whole lot going on in my life. I could post about the suspicious little drip that's coming from a tube in the guest bathroom ceiling, or perhaps the accumulation of mommy's long hairs that are found all throughout the house, or maybe even my recent adventures playing online chess. Well, I wouldn't really call it online chess. I'm not that confident yet. When I typed in "online chess" many options came up. Things that said, "free online chess, meet new people, chat, learn new chess skills". No no no! I will not chat with people about chess. The very thought of a real person behind my opponents' moves gives me the willies. So I quickly checked my computers game selection and found a safe, comfortable chess game "Titan Chess". Very sweet and impersonal. Even at level 2 I can't manage to emerge victorious, but I come close and that's good enough. Maybe I'll get good enough so that I'll be able to beat my 6 year old nephew next summer. I know he'll be really good by then.

Jonathan came home at 11:30 to pick me and the kids up to go to a school interview. I heard the door slam, "Hi kids!", so I quickly admitted in a loud voice , "I'm playing computer chess!" so he wouldn't find out on his own. What could he think? He's away at work, tiptoeing around Qatari folk, attending meetings, chatting with his southern gentlemen friends while he eats the sumptuous meals I prepare for him, and I'm home with the kids being my productive self. Why would he be surprised to find me in front of the computer? While he got the kids to get their shoes on, I meandered into the front room with an inner comment, "Gosh, why did the kids take every single toy out to play with?" The answer, "Because you were off in your own little chess world dummy!"

What else can I post about? Well, while most of the female population is still dreaming about Edward Cullen, I found Ryan Reynolds in my dream last night. We were best friends. We were very artistic together as we painted and did crafts. Yellow paint with green speckles. Really! You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find a photo of Ryan that excludes an image of his bare chest. Did you know that there is such a thing as a Ryan Reyolds workout? Apparently he recently put on 22 pounds of muscle for his role in the Wolverine movie? For Hollywood this is a lauded feat indeed but I personally love him best while he is professing his love for Amy Smart (Jamie Palomino) with his shirt on. Meryl Streep showed up in my dream too but unfortunately she received a severe head wound which made her a little batty.
So there you have it, a glimpse into my life. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some breathtaking photos of the Qatari skyline at Jonathan's suggestion. He likes me to post pictures, but I say, "Of what? There's nothing here!" Perhaps I can prove myself wrong this year. Besides, I'm here! Isn't that something?

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Strawberry Girl said...

Christine, that is something, you are there. As for your blog, it is interesting to me because I like to keep up with you (even though I neglected to do anything with you when you were here, sigh). I love you anyway.