Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm an indoor girl. . . now.

We are indoors all day long, so my creativity wells are being tapped every minute. Fortunately, the adaptor we brought with us works here, so the little stereo we brought with us from Turkey can be used here. You wouldn't believe how much easier it was being with the kids today than yesterday. Just putting on a CD entranced them somehow into silence. A lot less screams, a lot less fighting, a lot more peace. I was able to make myself pancakes and gorge myself without having to storm into the front room and do my well-versed scolding routine. If this music thing works again tomorrow, I can forsee myself eating us out of house and home. I suppose the storming and scolding keeps me in somewhat good shape even though I hate doing them. No pain no gain, right?
From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds

So, I made red and green play dough for the kids. Cinci immersed himself full force into the experience. That little boy just sweetens up my life. However, he is my naughtiest right now. He spent at least an hour playing with the play dough just asking for help a few times. I was able to do laundry, Shermy was able to play with the trains without having to negotiate with Cinci (which is really impossible), and Atticus was in his zombie lego building state, especially with the music going. It was a sweet hour of peace. After a while I heard coughs. I walked into the kitchen and saw green liquid dribbling out of Cinci's mouth. Shermy, who had decided to join in the play dough fun, said,"He's vomiting Mom!" I dabbed up Cinci's face and asked him if he liked the taste of the play dough. "Yeah" he said. I know every kid eats weird things at one time or another but it still amazes me that they do.
From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
Cinci eats the grossest things by far. Usually, I'm too lazy to intervene.(It must be the third child thing.) I don't care that he eats play dough. I made it from edible ingredients. But just tonight he decided to drink the water off the floor of the shower, after he had peed on it! Thank goodness Jonathan was there to intervene. Maybe I would have rationalized. "Just as long as its natural!", and sat there on my butt watching.

Well, we scheduled an outing for me tomorrow. I'm going to go to a mall! Yay! Here, you have to call for a taxi a day in advance and hope they are available. I'm scheduled for 9:30 tomorrow morning. We'll frolic around the mall. I'll look in the frivolous shop windows. We'll stop at the only two worthwhile places in the mall: the food court and the play area for the kids. I'm estimating a four hour outing. If anything of note happens I'll be sure to post!


Lisa said...

You are seriously amazing and such an inspiration to the weaklings of the world like me! I love reading about your adventures (it makes mine feel soooo not foreign) and hearing your candid thoughts on your experiences. Good luck with the mall tomorrow!

Strawberry Girl said...

Ha!! That sounds like me Christine... but then again being pregnant does make quick action tough sometimes... I don't blame you. ;D