Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A recipe for disaster.


3 boisterous boys
1 control freak mom
1 house

Just kidding. You already know about that one. Here's another one that happened to me today. The plumber came this morning and fixed our one bathtub so I decided to bathe the boys. While the two older ones were in the tub, Cinci, my youngest thought it would be so funny to throw whatever toys he could find in the tub with his brothers. After a few trips I decided that was enough so I closed the door on him. I washed their hair and when I tried to get out I realized I couldn't. The handle when turned just went around and around. I thought of my options.

1. Cinci could help us.
2. We could scream as loud as we could hoping that Marcelo downstairs would hear us.
3. I could look for something tool-ish to help get us out.

Cinci's 2 years old. That wouldn't work. Screaming wouldn't work either. Marcelo works nights and sleeps heavily during the day. So I looked around for something toolish. I found a serrated bread knife under the sink. "Yay" I thought until I realized it did nothing to help me. I then started to say negative things and think negative things. "We are never going to get out of here." What if Cinci opens the door and walks out onto the street? We live on a busy street.

TIP #1 Being negative never helps. Especially in front of kids.

So I looked around some more for some more toolish stuff. "Yay, a rusty nasty screwdriver!" I quickly took out the door handle which took a few minutes. This is an old house. There was so much dirt in the open socket. Before I actually got the door open I could see through the hole. I called for Cinci but he didn't come. I didn't stress though. I thought I could hear him playing down the hall. Once the door was open I first went to find Cinci. But what did I smell? Fire? Could it be? In the 5 to 10 minutes that we were stuck in there? I rounded the corner and saw my lampshade melting on the bulb and about to fall off the side table. There were little curliques of smoke twirling up to the ceiling.

TIP #2 Never turn on lamps when you plan on being stuck in your bathroom.

Cinci was happily playing with trains a few feet away. Thank goodness for that rusty, nasty screwdriver or Cinci would have been toast!

"Misfortunes, it is said, are blessings in disguise, sent to us to test our fortitude."

- Mary Bennett

On a happier note, I am the carrier of a small baby in my tummy. The baby is now 2 inches long and quite active with a fluttering heartbeat. Despite the disasters, life has many beauties.


Layla said...

No way! Congrats to you!

Hillary said...

CONGRATS! WOHOO! I'm so excited for you!

Aimee said...

Oh wow! This is HUGE news...congratulations!!!!!!!! Will the 2-inch bean be born abroad?

Sonja said...

Aaack! What an adventurous life you lead! :)

Congratulations on the little bun in the oven!

Sunny said...

Congrats! What exciting news. Thanks for sharing your story. It made it laugh because it sounded just like something that would happen to me. I'm glad no one was injured in the process, and that your house is still standing!

Cori said...

Yay! Congrats on your mad Macgyver skills and on your little bean. Both very exciting.

Nancy said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!

Nancy said...

Well, exciting about the baby, not the whole locked-in-bathroom-almost-starting-a-house-fire part. :)

Holly Messenger said...

Wow, girl, what a story, and what exciting news! Congratulations!

Jordan said...

Hooray and congrats. The fourth is a charm!!!