Sunday, June 14, 2009

Burt Family Reunion

Atticus found a friend. Cinci found some rocks.

Uncle Cameron spent over an hour taking the kids on 4-wheeler rides.

Shermy was too scared to get near the fire so he found a safe spot to chill and look cool.

Cinci fell in the canal and Grandma did not fish him out. She just screamed for cousin Doyle to do it, which he did promptly. No harm done, not even a cry came from Cinci's little mouth. Just some shivers.

We aren't really members of the Burt family. Grandma Burt is my Grandmother's youngest sister. They were very close thankfully and that's why the Burt family still remains my family. I rarely see them and rarely keep in touch, but when we do get together I don't feel myself an outsider. We really had a lot of fun and looking at my kids throughout the day reminded me of myself 20 or so years ago. My mom would bring me and my brothers up to Aunt Pat and Uncle Gene's house where we could swim in the canal and tube down the Duschesne river and just run around outside in the dirt and smell the fresh air, have the cows for company, play with my second cousins, see the stars clearly at night, wonder about the indians (native americans) that used to live beyond the river. Such a different place than I was used to. And they always had Honeycomb cereal to eat and these plastic star shaped bowls that were made to look like patchwork wood squares. Great memories! It was these visits that made me love nature because I sure didn't learn it in Silicon Valley.

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Sunny said...

Looks like fun. Shermy's face in the picture is hilarious!