Monday, June 8, 2009

Not one picture.

"Give yourself a couple of months to settle in and you'll be fine," I tell myself whenever I move to a new place. I didn't really expect that to apply to returning home. A week at the most, right? Well, I'm actually in my old house. The one we used to live in while we were going to school in Provo. Snap? No, not snappy. Not snappy at all. I can't find my slow cooker, my mixing bowls, or my regular dishes. I can't find my bedding. I can't find several things I find I need throughout the day. But oh well. We manage, . . .swimmingly. My countertop is large and uncluttered, my oven is large, my refrigerator is big, and my dryer is present. I do laundry once a week. It's been so long since that has happened. I haven't taken a picture since I arrived in Utah. Not one. Days with the cousins are delightful as they run around in a massive dirt pile down the street. We have a mere month and a half in this country and we sure are enjoying it.

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Gayle said...

Hi Christine - Thinking about you and your mom and wondering how you're doing. Can you send me the address at your grandma's house so I can write to Claudia? Sorry I don't have your email address - mine is Thanks and 0x0x