Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It gets my blood up!

I just read this article on CNN. I always "get my blood up" ,as my father would say, when I read articles like this. I get my blood up AND my mind gets a review and refresher on what I really believe. Sometimes I need a refresher. I don't talk about religious doctrine or the purpose of life very often. I don't think the Turks would appreciate it very much. However, what also gets my blood up is the commentary after the article. When I read those comments I just can't stop at one. Unofortunately, there are more people that disagree with me than agree with me. That is okay. I know why they think the way they do. They grew up differently, they've had different experiences, and they really think they're right. Just like I really think I'm right.

But you know what feels so good?

When you find one of those commenters out there that just says it just right and you couldn't have said it better. Then you feel a bit better about the world because that person exists and lets their voice be heard. Thank you Mike.


Michal said...

i read the article, then scanned for mike's comment. well said. it saddens me that people think we should give up preaching chastity because "it's not reality." it is reality for me and my husband and for millions of others. those who believe the chastity is unreasonable and unrealistic are perpetuating the problem. ugh.

Cameron said...

I want to punch him in the face!!! His arguments are the epitome of religious bigotry and discrimination. I have heard these same arguments come up with various people at my work especially about tithes. They consider tithing for any religion as stolen money by corrupt religious leaders who use peoples gullibility to sucker them out of billions of dollars that could go to government to increase government handouts to them. Boiling blood is DAMN RIGHT!!!