Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The flowers are blooming out here.

The kids stayed home sick today.

I read The Princess Academy. The whole thing.

Ate leftovers for dinner.

We had green milk before bed.

I'll have everyone know that my grandmother (a.k.a. Mother Macree), who was born in Utah, claims she's 100% Irish even though her parents were also born in the United States and not born of Irish parents. Because of her lineage I am also 100% Irish and I am wondering where my Lucky Charms are. Anyone know?


Emily said...

did you like that book? I've been wanting to read it...
I'm so happy you commented on my blog because now I've found your blog. I spent a little while and read back a bit and enjoyed it so much! You guys look like you are having the time of your life and your pictures are AMAZING!
Maybe it is a boy middle child thing...they are crazy out of control yet hilarious little boys.

Sonja said...

At MY house! And we aren't even 1/1000th Irish!

I love that picture of Shermie. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Uncleoruro said...

Just because everone is Irish for one day I'll let you get your credential from Mother McRee. However, your biology islacking if you don't acknowledge your father's heritage just a little. for starters on that side you have one aunt and seven uncles, 17 fellow cousins,two brothers and 50 and growing in number neices and nephews.

Cameron said...

Christine you know I am more Irish than you I must have watched Far and Away twenty five times or more growing up wishing there was still land up for grabs in America for those who could get there first. Hold on you have actually been there nevermind about me being more Irish than you. I have found that I am deeply interested in any Northern European history before the 1500's. After that I am mostly only interested in the Colonial adventures of the Brits, French, Spanish and Dutch

Nae said...

First, love your blog.

Second, loved Princess Academy. I made Matt read it (and told him just to ignore the title) ... Shannon Hale is so talented with words.

Third, Matt's mom says that she is 100% Irish, too. It really made me laugh to learn that it's a family tradition.