Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Reading Challenge

I'm a little late but this challenge sounds exiting and it will keep my mind off myself. Find out about this reading challenge over at Callapidder Days. Here's my Spring reading list:

1. The Famine Ships by Edward Laxton

2. Mythology by Edith Hamilton

3. Niebla by Miguel de Unamuno (finish)

4. Balthasar's Odyssey by Amin Maalouf

5. Turkey's Southern Shore by George E. Bean

6. My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk

7. The Israel-Palestine Conflict by James L. Gelvin

8. Fighting for Franco by Judith Keene

9. Conferencias by Federico Garcia Lorca

10. Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

11. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

12. A Read-Aloud Handbook Sixth Edition by Jim Trelease

13. Oh, Pioneers by Willa Cather

Taa daa! There's my list. I'm so glad I found this challenge because now I'm not going to go into massive debt buying books when I return to the States in May. It would be nice to fill my list with more fiction but our shelves here are filled with my husbands books mostly. He was able to provide me with one fiction novel he borrowed from a friend. This will be a challenge for me but I feel like it will be beneficial.


Code Yellow said...

Yay for Bleak House! :)

We'll have to cheer each other on! (I have a Spanish - translated - novel on my list. My husband just read it and said I'd really like it. We'll see.)

Happy reading!

Strawberry Girl said...

Hurray for a challenge!! Sounds like it will keep you busy. ;p

Marcelo D2 said...

HI Christine, as I can see you are going to be very busy this spring. That’s nice you like to ready, and it is even better that you always read to the kids. I was talking to my brother another day and I used you and Jonathan as an example. How you guys ready every night to the kids. One day (if) will do the same to my children, I I recommend my brother to do the same to his 3 years old son. I’m glad to hear that you guys are coming back on May, I`m gonna play a lot with the kids, we are gonna go to the parks, buy some gelado (s) and eat some trash food, etc..etc.. Did u get may last email, I sent it about a week ago, under the name of Marcelo Storelli, just checking , because you would think that it was trash and deleted it. Well, now you know , that was me! Love you all.