Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mommy! What I want for Christmas is. . .

Well, my mother called me last night on the phone. She was thinking about sending me a box full of great stuff from the States, but instead I asked her if she could draw some things for my kids. When she visited us last Spring she spent hours drawing roads and small cars cut out of paper and colored appropriately. Taxis, fast cars, long cars, Lamborghini murcielagos, Dodge Vipers, busses, etc. My kids absolutely loved them. She even made small envelopes out of paper to store the collections of cars in. She is very creative and she knows how I feel about her letting her talents dwindle away into nothingness! (Right Mom?) So this time I've asked her for the whole set.
1.Bosphorus Water Traffic (ferryboats, oil tankers, sea taxis, cargo vessels, Navy vessels, fishing boats, cruise liners, etc.) and local ports for Atticus.

2.The Car Array for Shermy, no description needed except he now likes to give the busses numbers like the 110 that we take to church or the 20U that we take to IKEA or the 3B that goes by our house.

3.Cinci has decided that he loves Thomas the Tank Engine. So a railroad line for him would be much appreciated with accompanying trains. He's not particular yet about what kinds of trains so use your imagination.

Mom, here are the ferry boat routes. Please don't just think about this. Atticus would love it! In your drawing though, please make the Bosphorus a little wider than it is in this map. If you want to include sea life there are jellyfish, dogfish, and dolphins.

Here is a small picture of the ferryboats.

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