Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tent living? . . .maybe someday.

I set up a tent last night in my front room. Why? Well, we're reading the first book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon and Lehi and his family dwelt in tents. So I set it up in hopes the kids might think for at least a second about the people we're reading about. Atticus did think for a minute. Shermy didn't and Cinci sure didn't. He wasn't even awake yet. That's probably why we can read the scriptures together these days. It's nice. Well, it isn't exactly nice at the moment of reading. What's nice is the feeling that I as a parent am going to the effort to teach my kids something that I think is important. I can always fall back on my efforts to read scriptures with them when I feel like a horrible mom.

Speaking of tents, could you imagine living in one? When I was in high school I was bringing in quite a lot of money from my jobs. I started delivering newspapers by bicycle at age 11 and certainly brought in the cash. I guess I got used to the money because I made sure I worked as much as I could once I was babysitting age. Then I hit legal working age and got an after school job at a dry cleaners. I worked with a large Portugese lady from the Azores, a little Mexican woman named Eva and a Polish lady named Judith Slonsknis who also sold Avon to bring in a few extra dollars for her family. Next door to our sweaty dry cleaners was a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that sold the most delicious vegetable fried rice. So good! Anyway, I remember sending for catalogues specializing in tents like these:

I remember perusing the pages and trying to decide which one I wanted. A few questions go through my mind now. Where was I going to use it? Why did I want it? I don't even remember. I do remember that they were quite pricey so I never did buy one. I do think I was a bit odd for desiring such a thing. I didn't even have a car to tote it around in. What are some weird things you wanted when you were a teenager?


Strawberry Girl said...

Looks like the kids had fun in the "tent." When I was a kid I had random aspirations of wanting to be a lady so I wanted handkerchiefs. (I think i'm going to buy some now because its better than wasting kleenexes all the time). :0)

(I also wanted such things as white gloves, pretty hats etc.)


Aimee said...

In 6th grade I wanted a pair of
Famolare shoes. They had wavy soles that gave you a funky feeling when you walked. Looking back, they were essentially "nurses" shoes. What was I thinking? These were 'fashionable?'

Peter and Wendy said...

I too want a tent. But not just any tent I want a geodesic dome tent made by Turtle Tuff
. Maybe one day when I'm big...
If I can't get a dome tent thm I want a wall tent from Alaknak. These are way cool and you could live in those for a long time.

Taranani said...

That's a cute idea for reading in Nephi. Our kids might be a little overly excited about it, but better than bored!