Monday, January 19, 2009

Candy or Tea cups?

I've been thinking for weeks about what to bring as a gift to the people we're visiting in Spain. On our last date my husband and I were walking in the grocery store and we had the following conversation:

-What do you think we should get for the family in Spain?

-What? What do you mean?

-You know? A gift? They are letting us stay with them for two whole weeks AND it is usually a nice gesture to bring something. Maybe they'd like something Turkish?


-Come on Jonathan! It's what people do when they visit other people. We never get anything for anyone. I don't want to be a crappy guest. I don't want to suck anymore!

-We do suck though. It's part of who we are.
Laughter followed by a weak slap on the shoulder followed by -I have got to post this conversation on my blog.

-What do you think of these?


-Turkish traditional tea cups. I know they don't drink tea as much as Turks but Mama does drink manzanilla every once in a while.

We debate whether or not it will fit in our luggage. We debate whether or not the package will break during our trip. We debate whether just buying a bag of Turkish delight would be better. In the end we didn't buy anything. So I'm still thinking. I have until Thursday night because we are leaving on Friday. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't want to suck so I have to choose something. What kinds of things would you like to get if you got visited by people from Turkey?


Aimee said...

It is SO IMPORTANT to bring gifts! Seriously. Think of what you would be spending if you stayed in a hotel for two weeks. My thinking...take tea cups AND Turkish Delight AND a pashmina AND local candy bars for their kids (if they have any). What would that cost...maybe $20? Just a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a hotel room for one night. They will probably feed you a meal or two as well. Keep in mind, my perspective comes from living five years in Japan where you are literally showered in gifts for any occasion, overnight stay or not. But it is never a bad thing to go the extra mile for people who lend a hand to you.

Sonja said...

I absolutely agree with Aimme. If you are worried about so many glass cups braking, maybe just a nice crystal vase? But, don't forget the kids...if the have any. They will LOVE you for bringing candy too.

You can NOT go wrong with bringing gifts. You will be glad you did. :)

Have fun and travel safely!

Taranani said...

Bring the gift, and give Jonathan another slap on the shoulder. :-) Food/ treats from another country always goes over well. Grab some flowers from the train station too, if that is how you are getting there. That's what everyone brought in Germany anyway to a host.

Michal said...

i agree with everyone else. not that it really matters, since you've left for spain by now. :) what did you decide to bring along?

Cameron said...

did you go to Madrid? On our site meter it marked you as looking at our blog from there. Did you go to Coin?