Tuesday, February 26, 2008


7 things you might not know about me:

1. I'm starting to get white hairs and I'm only 29.

2. Gulliver's Travels was my favorite story growing up. I think it inspired me to love traveling. I still haven't found Lilliput.

3. Some of my favorite memories occurred when snow was falling quietly at night. Time stops, priorities become clear, babies are born (at least mine are.)

4. I want to go on vacation in Montenegro.

5. I played the guitar and sang on roadsides of La Coruna. (The first person who can tell me where that is gets the recipe for my favorite Turkish soup: yogurt soup)

6. I had an amazing neighbor named Don ?. He could ride a unicycle and juggle at the same time. He could juggle anything. Knives, fire, etc. On clear nights he'd be out in his front yard looking through his telescope. He would help me and my brothers with our science projects. I remember spotting amoebas through his microscope. He had drawn his own timeline at about three feet from the floor and it spanned his front room wall, continued down his hallway, and I think into his bedroom. He had glued a small picture of Joseph Smith at the year 1820. Even though he was not LDS, he was smart enough to acknowledge this important event in time. I could go on and on about him and how interesting he was. His wife Gayle and his daughter Becky were equally interesting. Probably the most interesting people I know, and they have the coolest house I've ever been inside. Oh, how I loved going there as a child! I'll continue this in another post.

7. Jonathan and I made a movie about how we met and fell in love. Maybe after we become famous and die it will be found and made available to the public.

I now officially tag: Hillary, Holly (I hope she notices), and Tara


Sunny said...

La Coruna is of course in Spain. I could figure that much out on my own, but thanks to google, I now know that it is on the coast, NE of Madrid.

I'm excited for the yogurt soup recipe. I love new recipes!!!

You'll have to tell someone where you keep your video of you and Jonathon, so that when you guys do become famous, someone will know where to look. I would hate for that to be lost forever!

Hillary said...

Oh! I want to see your movie. :)

Sonja said...

Yes please!! At least give your most faithful fans a sneak peak of your movie.

You are one of the most interesting people I know! I'm so glad to know you!

Gulliver's travels...makes sense.