Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Istanbul, here I come!

Yes, I know I sound excited about going back. Who wouldn't want to get back to a place where you effortlessly lose weight and focusing on the important parts of life becomes simple? Apparently its snowing like crazy there right now. My husband emailed me to tell me that it snowed so much that no one went to work or school and to top it off our water heater broke. Poor guy.
Here is my wish list of things that I want before I return to Istanbul:

1.It'd better stop snowing and get a little warmer out there by April 14th.
2.a dining room table from IKEA so we can actually have people over for dinner, and most importantly, do crafts with the kids
3.someone to start exporting brown sugar to Turkey

That's it. My three wishes. I think the first two may come true but the last one probably won't. That's okay. I don't need to make all those comfort cookies because it will soon be summertime and we'll be out in the park all day long playing in the sand boxes and running through the fountains.
If there is anyone who reads this blog that wants to plan a trip to Turkey in the next two years please comment. Anyone who wants to visit Istanbul will be my immediate friend, especially if you have children for mine to play with.
April is coming soon. I have so much to prepare for, but that takes last place in my mind because what I'm really excited about is seeing Jonathan. It's been almost two months now since we've seen eachother. Not the longest we've been apart but it will be by the time April rolls around. Married people weren't really meant to be apart for so long. After a long separation I always say, "Let's never do this again Jonathan". He nods in agreement but what d'ya know! Two years down the road we do it again. Gosh, we humans do stupid things. I hope that we won't ever be separated for more than a month after this separation. We'll see.


Hillary said...

I want to come to Turkey! But sadly, I don't have the money to go. I'm glad you'll get to see Jonathan though! And I'm glad you found my blog and I found your blog! Hooray!

Sunny said...

I'm so excited you are going back. That will be so great to be your hubby again. I don't know how you do it! And Yes, count us in on a trip to Turkey. Hopefully sooner, than later.

Jill Hunt said...

I just wanted to say it was fun to hang out with you last night. You are such a fun gal! And I am sorry I didn't make it to Sonja's today for the Usborne books. Paul had to work today and so he had things he had to get done before he left. I felt bad I couldn't come. I hope it went well for you!


Holly Messenger said...

Um, actually, yes, I want to visit Turkey in the next two years. We should connect about what the logistics would be. I want to visit Turkey and Greece. And, yes, I have a kid to play with yours. :) (And you should see the weird blog I just posted.)