Thursday, September 13, 2007

The creak of the door and a pitter patter pit

Why is it that every single action done on one particular night has to become ritual on the succeeding nights? Songs, dances, prayers, things you pray for (cars and trains), kisses (elephant kisses, porsche kisses, box kisses, money kisses, and any other kind of kiss you could fathom), second and third trips to the bathroom, buttwipes (literal ones), and seven or eight or nine trips carrying them back to their beds while chiding them for being naughty.
Ritual brings comfort. Maybe that's why those verbally and physically abused women don't ever turn in or divorce their husbands because they like the familiarity of their situations.
I probably shouldn't be so exhausted with the rituals my children require since I love to have my own. I probably demand more for myself than I realize.

My Goal: not get irritated until we hit the 10th time of the kiddles coming out of their beds for whatever reason
If I reach my goal - I can try some of my kids Carnation instant breakfast for a nighttime snack and see if it's good

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Jordan said...

I get irritated after the FIRST time they get out of bed. I am a total bedtime nazi. After they're bedtime chime rings it is officially MY time. I'm terrible.