Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Over twenty years ago. . .

I am in the middle of putting the finishing touches on our suitcases for the flight tomorrow I came across this gem left in one of the dresser drawers. When reading the following, you must understand that our venture to Turkey is all because Jonathan needs to gather research for his dissertation. He actually wants to be a university professor for his job.

"About the Author: Jonathan McCollum is 14 years old and is in 8th grade. At this moment he is unfortunately attending Redwood Middle School. He has interest in military aircraft and firearms. Jonathan wishes that some day he will be extremely rich (which is pretty crazy when you factor his grades into account) and would never have to attend school for the rest of his natural life. He dislikes school, school, and school. He is not a writer and doesn't intend on becoming one. Jonathan only writes books when he is given an assignment to write a Young Authors Fair Book by his teacher or another authoritative figure".

It is entertaining to be a witness of the transformation of this teenager who disliked school more than anything else. Now, even on Sunday afternoons, we take our kids to the nearest university campus to walk and relax. Places of learning have become very special components of our family rituals and I think these campuses will always be a draw for us even during the times when we don't attend school anymore (I don't think that will ever happen though).  

Currently Jonathan excels at writing and if he had more time, he could entertain more people with his witty word arrangements, whereas now he only has time to write academic stuff which tends to bore the general public.   

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