Saturday, June 27, 2015

What does your husband say to you when you break a tooth?

      This morning we all woke up early to hike the Y mountain here in Provo. Provo City is the home of Brigham Young University, a private religious university owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons). Provo also sits in lovely Utah Valley decked on the eastern border by towering mountains that rise above the clouds on grey days. On almost every evening the mountains turn a beautiful orange color caused by the sun setting in the west. On the face of one of these mountains is a large, white Y that attracts the attention of every preschool child I have ever had. Why is there a letter on the mountain? Helen was curious so we took her too.
      Today Jonathan and I endured 10 minutes of moans and groans at the beginning of the hike. Then they died out when they realized other people do this too, and for fun.  The rest of the hike was uneventful and pleasant. I walked alone for most of it while all the kids and their dad discussed the plot of a movie they had just watched the night before called "Crocodile". I didn't watch it.

      After the hike was over we went to Einstein's Bros. Bagels for breakfast. I bit into my toasted everything bagel with hummus and broke a tooth. I've been sad for the whole day. Bummed. Pissed off at how crappy my teeth are. Depressed that there is no hope of getting another set of teeth ever again. Wondering how much it will cost to fix it. Wondering when I will go to the dentist since we are flying to Turkey on Thursday and have no regular dentist in Utah. Considering getting dentures. Pondering how long it will be before I will die of natural causes and not have to worry about my teeth ever again.

      The horrible thing about this situation is that I have already broken two other teeth previous to this one. My husband, the good man that he is, always tries to comfort me. His reasoning is that all the kids I've had have weakened my teeth. How nice of him! Don't know if that's really true since I know plenty of women who have more kids than me and still have a great set of teeth. But this time he scored in the overachiever category when he gave me the best consolation phrase ever. "Don't worry Christine, this tooth shall pass".   


Kevin said...

I need to speak to your travel agent. You are leaving BEFORE the 4th. Fine. I guess we will have to wait another who knows how long to see you guys. You couldn't wait like 3 more days? You should postpone. You need to see the dentist after all. Who knows that broken tooth could be life threatening. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Well, all that said, we are really sad to miss you guys this year. I hope you write soon to fill us in on your new adventure.

Kevin, Michelle, Shelby, KJ and Phina

Hattie Harrington said...

That was just terrible luck with the toasted bagel! I know how crappy that must have felt. And you are right; it is impossible to have another set of teeth again naturally. Once it’s broken or falls off, it can never grow back. Anyway, what did you decide on doing then? I hope you had it checked before you fly out, so you could’ve at least taken the necessary precautions. Take care!

Hattie Harrington @ Mahjoobi Family Dentist