Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yes Turkey

Today Jonathan got a scholarship for a program on the island of Cunda just off the western coast of Turkey. Things have changed. We are now deciding whether we should just all go or just have Jonathan go alone. Basically if we all go, Jonathan will be gone every day, and be home every evening and weekends . . . and I'll be hmmmmm . . . . swimming, snorkeling, walking around, trying to buy vegetables in Turkish again, making sand castles, perfecting my sand sculpture skills, eating, oh. . and buying ice cream for me and the kids every afternoon while we walk home from the beach. I know, it sounds wonderful like a paradise. But in reality I'll also be pulling the kids off eachother a lot, cooking food every day because there are no affordable restaurants for my family, teaching my kids to fish even though I'm not good at it at all, screaming in the closet when I lose my patience, teaching them Turkish, taking showers every day (which isn't fun after 5 sloppy kids make sandy lakes in the bathroom), and grocery shopping without a car.  I know some of you think shopping without a car is easy peasy, but it's not when you've got 5 kids who eat a lot. We'd have to go to the store 3 or 4 times a week, whereas now, I go to the 99 cent store once every week and a half, and the Albertson's, which is next door, whenever I have an emergency, which I either send a kid for me or Jonathan. I generally don't like shopping. (I would use the word "hate" but it's too powerful.)

As for Jonathan's duties while on the island, they consist of the following:
  •  learn Ottoman
  • feel really smart
  •  listen to me talk about all the crap that happened to me every day
  •  eat my cooking
  • make friends in his courses
  •  feel smart some more
  •  listen to me vent some more
  •  make better friendships
  • start to get pissed off at my venting every day
  • wish that he never made us come with him
  • find out that I learned a fish language by swimming around so much by myself and never talking to adults
 and in the end Jonathan ends up with a crazy wife. OK, I know, that's a bit dramatic. I'm sure I'll be okay. The deal breaker is if we can muster up some money for this final step in Jonathan's pathway to providing for our family. In reality, living in Turkey is actually cheaper than staying in LA. It's just the airfare. I will work as an English teacher once we get to Istanbul. I don't actually have a job set up, but I plan to get one (eager grin on my face).
Maybe we'll sell our cars. I can't really fathom that possibility since both of them have helped our family so much. When we return we'll still need them. I don't like to get rid of cars that only get better with time. Our van is so special to me. I have great plans for it when I have a little money and time. OK, bye!

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Julie Wilcox said...

Oh Christine! Wish I could give you a big hug. What hard choices you have to make. How come listening can be so hard? You will be in my thoughts and prayers.