Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rainbow Popsicles, are they worth it?

    My husband and I had a difficult day yesterday. Most of my days are difficult and I blame that on myself. I usually take on way more than I should. Like, rainbow popsicles for example. If you want a popsicle and you have five kids, you buy them at the store. If you want to make them, you make them out of juice or pureed fruit. Pour it into the molds, stick em in the freezer and Voila! But rainbow popsicles are a different story. They take three times the amount of work that it would take to make regular popsicles. Am I dumb? Probably. It has nothing to do with my capacity to retain information. It has everything to do with what I do with that information. In the choice making part of my brain. I make the wrong choice when it comes to what I want in the long run. What I really want is peaceful happy kids at the end of the day. Do I get that? No. All because of the d$#) rainbow popsicles! ( I mean because of my choice to make them rather than buy them.)
    So, I'm making the rainbow popsicles while the children and some extra ones sprinkled in there are whirling around me. Jonathan comes home. Yay! "Honey, the kids want you to be 'It'. Do you think you could endure just five minutes of that?" I encourage him to do the dirty work. The result: Cinci and Dad get in a toy throwing war, Cinci has to go to the hospital to get stitches, and Dad is pissed! And I'm thinking, "Was it that important that he spend quality time with the kids upon arriving home?" Me and my stupid rainbow popsicles. It's like they have me hypnotized. "You will make me. You will make me now," repeat the popsicles inside my mind.

 Anyway, after they left to go get the stitches, I had the other children draw what came to their minds of the "Dad vs. Cinci" event. The above picture is Atticus' depiction of Cinci. The below is mine. I wasn't even present when it happened so obviously I've put my spin on it.

     After all is said and done, the popsicles were not worth it. Cinci did not smile while eating them. My advice to you is to buy the popsicles at the store and be 'it' yourself when your kids want to play tag. Don't make Dad do it right when he walks in the door.

    I have Jonathan come home with a RedBox to numb our minds after the kids were in bed. Have you ever seen Chronicle? It's not a horror film, but I found it so. It is about three teenage boys who acquire super powers and how they choose to use them. It's really disturbing because I think the director really hit the portrayal of how real teenage boys would act with these powers right on the nail. There is lots of goofy laughing and lots of time wasting and lack of direction. The only one of the boys who has any direction is the one who goes evil with his powers. Do our teenagers have any vision? Any drive to do anything but goof around and chase girls? This movie didn't leave me with feel good thoughts, but it did inspire me to try to do a better job as a parent. 

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