Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Camp Floyd, August 2012

 I sent Atticus to Camp Floyd this summer. I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself. They let the kids have fake rifles that shot caps. They reenacted battles. They set up tents and ate their snacks and lunches in them. They got paid each day and were able to spend their money at the general store if they chose to. Atticus didn't complain about anything except that there were girls there. Actually, he wouldn't have complained about that if the boy he was carpooling with hadn't complained first.
He wants to go back next year. Next year Sherman will be 8 and will go too. I just hope there isn't too much fighting between those two. There's Atticus pointing his gun at me for the picture. Charming? Not really.
 Does anybody know of any World War II camps anywhere?
Also, it's way out in Fairfield, UT. It takes 45 minutes to get there. If anyone wants to carpool next year, let me know. But maybe by that time Jonathan will buy me some land out in Podunkville and I'll be living right next door. Who knows? 

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