Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I should be giving my kids haircuts but instead I'm . . .

The above pictures just prove that I need to give the kids haircuts and that they are having fun. Atticus loves soccer, Cinci loves r2d2, Hector likes fruit snacks, and Sherman loves soccer too.

I should be preparing some sort of fun game for the kids tomorrow to help them solidify their math facts, but on my internet search I instead got caught up in some other exciting thing to do with the kids. Instead of having them do worksheet after worksheet, why not start a coin collection? They are getting really into money now. They do their chores knowing that they will get paid for them at the end of the week. They save up for their little things that they want. At first they just bought candy, which really pissed me off, but now after a few months of that, they've moved on to saving for particular items like Nerf guns and airplane models. It pleases me to see them envision something they want and save for it. It also pleases me to see them have ownership over something. They are so cute. They know Michael's by name and love it even though it is a craft store for women. They don't care. Last week they found these wooden models for 79 cents each. Sherman bought two and Cinci even bought one for himself. It was so cute to see them in the model isle deciding what they would get. And it just takes a load off my shopping trips to not have them hanging on me saying, "Mommy, can you get this for me? Pleeeeeeeeese!" I haven't heard that once. Sometimes they do forget their wallets and ask me for a loan which I sometimes agree to. But if its for a toy I know will break or for something I hate, I refuse.

Well, I'd better get back to my math preparations for tomorrow.

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