Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Blister

"I'm turning it into a blister!" screamed Sherman gleefully.
Last night we went to Jamba Juice and got the kids some smoothies for our Family Home Evening treat. We used some coupons they'd earned for the summer reading program and ended up with a lot of smoothies. It was late so they all saved their smoothies in the freezer last night. So right now, after lunch, the kids are hacking at the iced smoothies with metal knives and spoons. Sherman made the comment about the "blister", meaning "blizzard" I think. Atticus just said, "Look Sherman, I'm turning it into an even more shakey thing!"
That leaves Cinci, but he hasn't come up with anything original yet. I guess his choice of smoothie was original enough. For a kid who gags at the sight of a PB & J sandwich, he's pretty brave to try out Jamba Juice's latest flavor, "Pumpkin Smash".
Jonathan is at work, I'm at home with the bears, Hector is napping, the baby is growing. Things are good. I've still got to do History and Grammar with the kids today and then we're done with the schooly stuff. Guess I'd better stop blogging, lift my large rear end off this chair and hobble downstairs to the school room.

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