Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy summer days

Do I have anything interesting to write? No. Today is Sunday. Jonathan woke up with the kids to give Hector a milk and get him out of his crib. Then he timbered back into bed next to me. We both slept a little longer. The kids thankfully got themselves their own cereal for breakfast. I cooked some steel cut oats and pulled out the orange juicer that I borrowed from Aunt Robyn. There is nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice. So sweet! I rarely drink any other kind unless I know it's freshly squeezed. It seems like every other country has got it right. They've got their heavy duty orange juicers visible and filled with oranges ready for you to buy a glass. Affordable too. Here you've got to pay multiple dollars at least to buy yourself a glass of liquid sweetness. I had each of the boys get up on a chair and squeeze their own glass. It's one of those pull the handle kind and it presses the orange half against the mold with holes in it. It got them using those muscles. Grandmom, who is in town for the week, added some sausage links to the meal and it was mighty tasty. Even Jonathan ate some oatmeal and sausage and basically everything I fixed. He never eats breakfast!

Then we went to church only to be reminded that it was Fast Sunday! We are indeed slackers and truly unholy! For anyone who is asking themselves, "What is Fast Sunday?" I will indulge your inquiry. In the LDS church we designate one Sunday where we refrain from eating or drinking for a period of 24 hours. It's a sacrifice we do to help others and to become closer to God. Because we aren't spending money on meals during this time, we donate the money we would have spent to a fund to help those less fortunate than ourselves. That way when they need food or clothing the fast offerings from the members are available to help them. I think it's a great way to spread the wealth!

Then for the rest of the day we just chilled at the house. We ate lunch. We tidied up. We napped. I tried to wear some clothes that didn't squeeze my baby belly too much. I organized the baby stuff I got from the baby shower that I had last week. I thought about health insurance and what a hassle it is to worry about it if you don't have it through your job. Then I thought about the people in this book I just read "A Gathering of Days", where a girl dies. It takes place in the 1830's. They lived in New Hampshire and they didn't have health insurance. They just went with the flow. Death was more common. They still mourned the loss of their teenage daughter big time but it wasn't like it never happened to families around them. Perhaps they comforted themselves with the thought that others had gone through that experience as well. How much comfort can you really get if your family member dies before their time? Anyway, it's in my thoughts. We are searching for a solution to that one.

The Morkels stopped by and we visited a while. Jonathan made pot stickers and warmed up leftover buckwheat soup for dinner for everyone. He's much more hosty that I am. The kids played together.

Life is good. The garden is growing. The kids are growing. Jonathan has one more week in summer term of school. Everyone is healthy. What more can I write? Until something noteworthy occurs, goodbye!

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Sunny said...

I hear ya on the whole health insurance thing. It is so frustrating coming from a country that just provided it, to the mess we have here in the US.
We really must get together and play! I'm gone this week, but will call you next week.
PS I think your days are very noteworthy, so keep blogging:)