Monday, August 15, 2011

Can Sentimentality ever = Practicality?

Today I spent a good chunk of time going through the storage area I have in my in-laws house, which we happen to be living in right now. We've thrown all our toys, bedding, and clothes, and other sentimental documents and items into this small room. Since I found out about two months ago that I'm pregnant with a little girl, I've come to the realization that I will have to get rid of a lot of the boy clothes we've accumulated over these past 7 years. We have four boys. So, I went through them. I looked at each outfit and remembered who wore it the most. Some of the things we've barely used. Bibs, for example. There are a pile of unused bibs in my to-go box. I made four piles of keepers. One for each of my children. They included the outfit they came home from the hospital in and a few other select outfits that I can't bear to part with. I even kept a 18 month bomber jacket that my in-laws bought for my first born, which he hardly wore. The thing is he's really into airplanes and I thought I'd keep it, just in case he has a little boy someday. I can't believe I'm thinking that far ahead. Is this unhealthy? Me, saving clothes for my grandkids? Am I turning into my mother?

Here's a photo of Sherman on his 2nd birthday at Oakmeadow Park in Los Gatos, California. My home town and one of the most popular parks in the area. The sweater he is wearing was purchased one winter day when Jonathan, who actually had to dress the kids one morning, realized, "These kids don't have any clothes to wear!" So he packed them up and took them down to Wal-Mart for a shopping spree. No doubt a skill he learned from his mother, one of the best shoppers I know. When I came home from school that day I found the children decked out in Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse sweatsuits. That is why I'm sad to see this little sweatsuit go. Whenever I see it, I remember the days when Jonathan and I were both in school still and Atticus and Sherman dealt with our crazy schedules. Our luxuries were going to IHOP with cousins and actually buying something frivolous at Wal-Mart instead of just groceries. This little sweatsuit was one of those frivolities. Life was simple and good, very good. Sigh.
Anyway, I'm trying to think of a way to use these little outfits in a practical way. Is it possible to make something sentimental practical? Can it be done? Well, my husband is gone for a few more days and my creative juices are flowing. Maybe I'll think of an idea.

I got rid of a massive box of clothes. Actually, I haven't gotten rid of them yet. They are sitting in a box outside the storage room right now. But it is a step in the right direction. All those little clothes covered the sweet, chunky bodies of my little boys. Atticus, who is now a walking bunch of angles, used to have creases. Those clothes bring such sweet memories I feel like I'm about to cry. I know, I'm pregnant. Lately, I've cried at about everything I've read the kids. Cecily's Summer and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet just to name a couple. I bawled my eyes out watching White Fang last night.

Well, instead of crying over little clothes, I'm going to spend the rest of this evening putting clean sheets on my bed. Then I'm going to lay on it and think about either health insurance or the next step on my chalkboard project for the schoolroom. Good night!


Sunny said...

I loved this post! My mom saved some of the clothes I wore as a little kid - my girls have both worn some of it. Ya, it looks a little out of style, but I love the thought that they are wearing something that has been saved and been passed down from decades ago.

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