Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cinci is 4

Man, Cinci is so heavy when I pick him up. He's one solid kid. But he is soooooooo sweet. He's got these perfect freckles on his nose and cheeks. His eyes are chocolatey. Yum! And his hair, so smooth! It sways from side to side when he runs, or gallops, or romps, or pedals on his bike. His little friends in sunday school even caress his hair during singing time. It's just too straight and smooth. He's a cutie and he's four now. He's decided to grow older and he is developing on his own terms. With our other two, it was completely different. With Cinci, he is in charge! I suppose he could live up to his name. Cincinnatus. General Cincinnatus.
For his birthday we had a party for him. I'm breathing easy now because it's over. But I must say that I had a lot of fun planning it out. Atticus, Sherman, and Daddy put on a puppet show for the guests.Then a neighbor of ours did some magic tricks for the kids. I invited the right people. Actually, Cinci invited the right people. You see, I don't particularly like to be the hostess. Talking and chatting are not my fortes. But my neighbor, Erika, is excellent at this skill AND her son just happens to be one of Cinci's buddies at school! She could talk to anyone anywhere about anything. She's great. I've decided that if I can arrange to have her at every party I host, she can step in as the hostess and talk to everyone.
My children are so special to me. I love to do birthday parties for them. Love, love, love it! Happy Birthday my little chocolatey boy!

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