Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What a monster of a name! Good thing that's not his real name, right? The Qatari's have decided to join his first and middle names. It's on his health insurance card. His real name is Hector Tacitus. Hector of Troy, of course. And Tacitus because he was our first quiet baby. Our first baby to pop out of me without screaming his head off. The first Tacitus that we know of was a senator and historian of the Roman Empire born in 56 AD. He loved hunting. So does our Tacitus.


Holly Messenger said...

You make such beautiful babies, Christine! And I love the names you choose :)

Taranani said...

If we could just inherit like a zillion dollars... I would so love to bring the kids over to see where you guys have been living. You have so many new experiences and adventures. I should have married a 110 year old billionaire before Cameron. Dangit.