Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still going.

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
Mr. Jubba Lubba is still alive and kicking. He has a slight case of baby acne. My theory is that since I eat tons of chocolate, he gets the acne through drinking my milk. I could give up chocolate for the time being but I'm not strong enough. Even with the acne, we still love him and think he's adorable.
Cinci is still alive too. He's finally three and he requested a "Patty Cake" for his birthday. "No problem Cinci!"

See how happy he is.

He also got to go on a bike ride with Mommy. I haven't ridden a bike in years. I felt like I was flying. I'm sure all the Indian workers in the compound thought I was crazy because I was screaming "I'm flying, I'm flying!" as I sped along after Atticus and Sherman. That poor bike though. A neighbor of ours has quite the collection of bikes. This particular one has the main seat for the pedaler, then one right in front and one right behind. I tried riding with Cinci in front and Sherman in back but the poor tires weren't taking it so well, probably more due to my size than theirs. I still have a few pounds to lose so maybe we'll try that bike again in a few months.


Code Yellow Mom said...

Every 3yo boy needs a cut between the eyes at least once. ;) What a cute birthday boy!

And you look great! My sister and I rode bikes at the beach a few years ago and it was the first time I had been on one in probably fifteen years - we giggled outrageiously the whole ride because it really did feel so...I don't know...joyful! Like flying! (And the word verification for my comment? "wingst"!)

Code Yellow Mom said...

Oh, and baby acne? It's actually hormones from the last few weeks in utero, working its way out of his system. So enjoy your chocolate - it's not causing it! :)

And he is beautiful - he looks very peaceful and calm - is that true?

Sarah said...

Don't worry about the chocolate, it's not causing his acne. It's very common on newborns from the hormones, it will go away. He's sure cute!
Happy Birthday Cinci!
A bike ride! How fun!
Amazing how such small cuts can bleed so much.

Cameron said...

Hey Christine sorry we haven't been keeping in touch much. Could you see if your kids could pray for me to get this full time job in Ogden it would really help us out. Cute pictures by the way. Kids are excited about you all coming to visit. Me and Tara and Eric have been talking about a trip to meet up. Either here or there or somewhere in between maybe Carlsbad Caverns or Roswell you want in on it too while you are here?

Sonja said...

Cinci is THREE? No way. He sure looks happy. Love the "patty-cake," and the proud growing-up-war-wound.

Gosh your baby is adorable.

I can just hear your sing-song voice telling the world you can fly. I think you are wonderful Christine.

Sunny said...

I love all the new pics of your boys. I don't know how you do it with four little kids. You are my hero!

I know my mom doesn't read your blog, so I can safely tell you that Victoria has also had a bad spill on her face. When she was three months old I was at the park with both the girls and holding Victoria in my arms. With my other hand I was helping Antalya, she slipped, and my reaction was to catch her - which of course I couldn't do with my arms full. Needless to say Victoria fell head first from my arms landing on her face amid the wood chips. I felt like the most awful mom. I couldn't believe I had dropped my little baby. At least Hector's fall can be blamed on a 3 year old:) Anyways, glad to hear everyone is doing well, and Happy Birthday Cinnci!