Monday, February 15, 2010

For Cameron

I'm so excited to tell my big brother that yesterday Hillary Clinton visited Doha. She did a question and answer meeting in Education City where Jonathan works. I wish he could have been here with us. Though we're not huge fans of our secretary of state, we know he is, we thought this visit to little old Doha was pretty cool. Who knows? Maybe she'll be our president someday and Jonathan can say he saw her in person.

Another big reason why yesterday is memorable is that my muffin/jubba lubba made it to the six week mark. He weighs 13 pounds and doesn't like to fall asleep until at least 11 pm at night. He also loves to bathe with his big brothers. The first time I bathed him in the big bath tub I had Atticus help me. Then Sherman got a turn. Unfortunately, Hector decided to poop while Sherman was holding him. Sherman freaked out and started screaming. It was so funny. Hector just looked around and was calm as can be and Sherman was standing up with a look of horror on his face. Here's a picture of the second bath, after the poo.
For all you families that are graduating from a five seater car to a seven seater to accomodate your growing family, I have a nugget of knowledge for you. Just because there is more space does not mean that the contention will stop. Atticus still opts to sit right next to Sherman in the back row of seats instead of having his own window seat. You can see why in the photo above. On Valentine's Day we decided to give our kids a small token of our love. Candy. Candy in the form of gummy hearts. The really cute kind with text messages on them. Atticus decided to stick about 15 of them in his mouth at once and then spit them back out into his hand just to see how pretty they looked all shiny and glistening in the afternoon sun. When I saw this I yelled, "Put those back in your mouth!" and he got about 5 minutes of lecture from Dad and I about not taking food out of his mouth ever! While we weren't looking, which is most of the time, he proceeds to style Shermans hair with his sticky hands. I looked back when I heard the Sherm giggles. That's the tell tale sign for our family that something naughty is going on. The Sherm giggle. I looked and was immediately reminded of my days as a child growing up in the 80's. This picture doesn't do Sherman's hair justice. You can't feel the crispiness of the hair from the photo. Also, this photo was taken after Atticus de- furred his sticky hands. At least they looked like they were covered with fur. Nice long yellow fur. Yuck! Thank goodness for baby wipes!!!

Tomorrow, Atticus and Sherman and I are taking a trip somewhere. Can you guess where?


Taranani said...

hahaha that's HIlarious! I read it to Cameron over the phone, and he laughed so much too. You guys get all the luck. Hillary Clinton. Did our package ever get there? We mailed it the end of January, and the post office supposedly guarantees like 12 day delivery or something. I'm worried something will happen to it- I don't know how things usually go mailing to Doha. Anyway, glad you're doing OK. We miss you.

Ps. I lost 15 pounds, finally... Now just 35 to go. Sounds so depressing when I state it like that.

Bunsy said...

That's awesome Tara! You've got three months to lose the rest of the weight before you see me. I know that's what you live for. To impress me. Ha! No package yet. We'll be looking for it. Thanks.

Taranani said...

Hey Christine uuuxxx loved the post. Your kids are angelic little demons or demonic little angels. Infants don't fall into either category they are above it all somehow. I had a similar experience it was one of the first baths I had participated in alone without Tara's assistance. Cori was in the living room watching TV and I was letting Truman try out being on his belly in the shallow water. He gets up on his knees and poo starts coming out like a little fudge factory except it was greenish fudge. Anyway for some reason a girlish scream just came out of my mouth and then I realized how I sounded and stopped I was sitting there thinking what the heck was that and then I turn around and Cori is standing in the doorway of the bathroom looking at me with squinting eyes and says Dad you aren't allowed to scream like a girl and then runs back to watch her show. I then got Truman cleaned up and rinse off with un pooey water. Hey Christine Isaiah has taken an interest in coins could you put together a little collection for him while you are abroad? He has his India coins and loves them thought he might like some more to add to his collection.

Taranani said...

That was me Cameron posting on Tara's ID she hates it when I do that. Anyway hope everything is going well Christine.

Taranani said...

Cameron, you should have posted that on our blog... that made me choke laughing. And, yes- Christine... I live to impress you! But really, My goal is by the end of May... I'm angry because I've been stuck for a couple weeks, even though I've been exercising more, and eating really well. I decided to change everything up.. My diet to a more traditional low cal, and switching up what exercise I do every day... So I'm hoping I'll see some movement again. I'll keep you posted, because I know you live to find out how I'm doing!