Tuesday, December 22, 2009

False alarm

From the adventures of bunsy and her tumbleweeds
Here's a photo of the kids in their thobes in celebration of the Qatari Independence Day. Don't they look adorable!
Christmas is coming in just a few days. We've been on vacation for a week almost and it feels great! Sleeping in, looking for a new car, and just spending time together has been nice. Today we went to test drive a minivan. The kids moaned and groaned that they had to come with us. Especially Atticus. He loves doing stuff at home. But in the end they thought it was great that they were being included in the choice of car we were going to get. For the last four months we've been driving a basic 5 seater car. A Mitsubishi Lancer to be exact. The kids have to sit next to eachother whether they like it or not. Atticus and Sherman have their system down. Anytime we stop the car and park it constitutes a "turn" at the window seat and they quickly switch seats. But strangely in the last few days the middle seat has become the greatly sought after seat of choice. ??? So for the last month we've been talking seriously about what we're going to do about a new car. The kids have picked up on it and now define every car they see as either a 7 seater or not a 7 seater.

Porsche=not a 7 seater

Lamborghini=not a 7 seater

Tahoe=7 seater

Kia Carnaval=7 seater

December 22, 2009
Today was the first of the many due dates I've been given over the course of my pregnancy. I didn't really expect to go into labor on an actual due date. But I spent most of today wondering if this was the real thing. I had contractions all day long. I tried not to get too excited thinking they would go away and by 4 PM they kind of died down and left me to the realization that we would not be having a Christmas baby. It would have been a perfect time to have a baby. Go to the hospital on the 22nd and be home on the 24th just in time for Christmas. Oh well. At least I can eat chocolate with Jonathan again tonight as we flip through channels together always searching for the perfect movie.


Peter and Wendy said...

We are so excited this Christmas for the much anticipated arrival of a new McCollumsy, it is always on our minds even if we are so very far away. We look forward to finding out what his mommy and daddy have decided to name him our vote is for: Horatio Kane or Philip Seymour Hofmann or maybe Ignatius Bodacious

Sunny said...

That pic is so adorable! Good luck with the baby. I hope he comes soon and that all goes well with the delivery. Merry Christmas!

Sonja said...

I also love the picture! I'm on pins and needles and can't wait to hear about your new arrival.

Merry Christmas! Much love to you and best wishes for the delivery!