Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a great Halloween this year. For some reason I just love Halloween. I love it. I think its my favorite holiday. Am I bad to like it best over Christmas even? Atticus likes Christmas better because he gets candy AND presents. I suppose if I were still little I would agree with him, but I'm not.
Our Community Support staff planned some great activities for the Halloween holiday season. At the Rec. Center they had a jumping castle/slide up for three days, Halloween movies showing, snacks and treats, and a treasure hunt. Then on the day of our Halloween celebration they arranged for the people in our two compounds to join together for a costume contest, pony riding and of course, trick or treating.

The kids got plenty of candy and didn't have to walk very far to get it. One of our neighbors loves Halloween too and set up a haunted house in their apartment. Jonathan took the kids trick or treating so I didn't get to see it until he got back to drop Cinci off. Cinci could only last a few houses. 5 pieces of candy is a big thing for a two year old.

Atticus is "Daddy Ghost"

Here's Jonathan running and jumping down a big hill with the kids.

Here's Mommy pigging out on popcorn with the kids.
As you can see, Shermy is the most terrifying T-Rex ever.

Here's Daddy Ghost atop a galloping steed.

Cinci wanted to be a "Baby Ghost"Here's the three of them before they went trick or treating.
Wanna know my secret to get the ghost costume to stay on their heads? Scotch tape. You'd think that I would be able to put together something a little more elaborate. Nope. And thank goodness that's what they wanted to be. I had to have Atticus choose something other than an F-16 fighter jet and what could be better than a Daddy Ghost?


Strawberry Girl said...

Very cute! I like the way you all celebrated, so fun!!


Sunny said...

I love the daddy ghost! Why was there so much Halloween celebrating? Are there lots of people from the states?

Taranani said...

Glad you had fun for Halloween this year! Too bad I can't make you as jealous with a Halloween blog entry thought. I've got to get you guys back in our neighborhood somehow, now I have to come up with a new plan. Operation Halloween Jealousy isn't going to work anymore. Dang.