Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First plant, first pet

So I've mentioned that we've done a lot of rock climbing lately. Well, the kids and Jonathan do. I just manage to keep myself alive as I stumble around below. I try to take pictures but we usually are there at dusk so we won't be scooped up by one of those massive steam shovels. Night falls and then I'm stuck with the flash and the difficulty of focusing my camera. Anyway, the kids love going to their mountains. Last time we went we decided to do some ropes courses of our own invention. Jonathan and I aren't so into the trendy sports such as real rock climbing, or any sport you would actually use a rope with, but we brought ropes anyway. It proved to be fatal. The cliffs there are very unstable, obviously, since they're made of rocks and dust. We were only successful in making several very cloudy avalanches.

Here's a picture of Sherman on his first day without training wheels. He's still going two weeks later although he needs help getting started still.

First plant and first pet
We've broken our firm beliefs in having pets while abroad. I never thought I'd give in but when I saw this cute little caterpillar I couldn't throw him away. Nor could I put him outside to bake. He'd never survive. I felt for him since he's probably from far away too. I found him in the snow peas that I bought at the store. He'd survived in the fridge for a few days too. He must have been freezing. So I've kept him in my old pickle jar. He/she started laying eggs shortly after and then hid among the scraps of vegetables that I'd put in there with him. I know he's not going to be a butterfly. He'll transform into a moth, which he's doing right now alongside an old carrot. I hope he makes it.

Here's him as a baby. Such a cutie!
It's Halloween season as you all know. Yesterday I hosted a toddler Halloween party at my house. It was a success except I'm exhausted. So for the next week I'm going to be lazy. No projects. No putting Cinci in front of the TV anymore so I can prepare. No more crappy meals. Can I even call baked hot dogs a meal? Or PB and J sandwiches. Poor Jonathan. Well, I think he's okay since I did have lots of leftover treats and things from the party. So I'm already Halloween'd out and its not even Halloween yet. I still have to make Atticus' costume. Ugh! Thank goodness he's decided to be a ghost. Well, Happy Halloween to all of you.

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Sunny said...

You have mountains? Boy am I jealous. Glad your Halloween party went well. I was so proud of myself of putting one together and inviting some friends over, but then we all got awful colds the day before and I had to cancel. Oh well, at least we can enjoy the Halloween decorations I put up.