Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We HAVE to get an ATV now.

Well, here's the news! We are having a BOY! Just thought I'd share. Surprisingly, Jonathan and I were laughing tons in the ultrasound room when we saw our little guy come on the screen. We knew it was a boy from the very beginning. He obligingly put his little ding ding out for display for us so we didn't have to wait for the verdict from the doctor. So, we're happy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I wanted a girl, but, only because I'm exhausted. For some reason I thought that if a girl came into our lives the household would calm down a bit. Perhaps I'm very wrong. Well, I'm getting what I need. The doctor told us that they see tears of happiness and tears of sadness in the ultrasound room. I can't imagine having tears of sadness, unless there were complications of some sort. Having a little life grow inside of you, no matter what its gender, will always bring me happiness. Even if we try again and get another bouncing boy. I guess I believe too strongly that we get what we need. It's not a matter of chance. God lets things happen a certain way so that we can learn and grow the most. So, now we are on a quest for a name that will not put our family into shock but that will satisfy our desire for the original and unique.

Now that we'll have four boys, there is no excuse for not getting an ATV in a few years, right? (I mean, when we have some money to spare. Ha ha!) By that time Atticus will be eating three or four breakfasts instead of two and the shoe purchases will be beyond my imagination. But maybe, just maybe, Jonathan will have a set career and our money will stretch that far.


Sarah said...

Wow another boy! Congrats! Girls are so dramatic and emotional, I have 3 of them and some days it's non stop crying, whining, fighting, etc. I don't know if boys are like that, I sure get tired of it.

Hillary said...

Wohoo! Congrats on another boy! How fun!

Code Yellow Mom said...


Funny - we thought for sure we only made boys and it was kinda funny when they first told us it was a girl. My husband was totally happy with it, but didn't believe it. When we had to have a follow-up sono, he asked them to double check. :)

We're not sure what we're going to do with a little girl! And I'm a little envious of your 4 for 4 record. (he, he, he) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

(What I've heard over and over again is that boys are nonstop energy and busy-ness, but girls are nonstop emotional roller-coaster. It just all depends on what kind of tired they create!)

Layla said...

Yay for another little boy! In all honesty that is all I ever really wanted when I have kids-boys. AND I have the best name for you to go along with your super cool names. I heard this name awhile back and instantly thought of you-even before I knew you were pregnant. It's Archer. If you don't like it, no problem, cause I really love it :)

Sonja said...

Yay!! Christine! Keep those handsome boys coming! We will come ATV-ing with you. :) I'm glad you are well and everyone is healthy. Good luck with the move, friend!! I miss you already.

Lesa said...

Wow! Congrats! You guys are having all the boys and we'll have all the girls.. it all evens out somehow. :) Now you'll be one up on us though. :)
When are you due? Will you have him in Katar or however you spell that crazy place you are going? haha :)
Love you and miss you!

Jonathan said...

Wow! We are having another boysie. I guess I will have to get you that ATV but that means I will have to work a lot. Maybe we could give up the dream of ATV's and we could just hang out in Provo for the rest of our lives. Love,

Strawberry Girl said...


Love ya' Christine.


Taranani said...

I say, yay for boys, and yay for hanging out in Utah for the rest of your lives... but I vote for SLC instead of Provo.